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*The following questions will help us in our research to determine if an Australian Labradoodle is the right type of dog for you. If you have any additional information that may assist in choosing a puppy that will compliment your family, please be sure to provide that information in the "Your Message" area at the bottom of this application.

What is the reason you would like an Australian Labradoodle?

Do any members of your family suffer from allergies?

Please explain any allergies:

On rare occasions a pup is born that has a coat with minimal shedding. The Australian Labradoodle pup will still be an extraordinary family companion. Would you accept a Loving Labradoodle if they had a minimal amount of coat shedding?

Please describe any other pets in the home...

How would you describe the activity level in your home?

*This will help us in our puppy allocation process.

Will you provide your new pet with obedience training?
*At least one puppy training class is highly recommended.

Please let us know your Puppy Preferences as we will take them into consideration. Adopting parents are placed in sequence as the deposits are turned in.

Which sex would you prefer?
MaleFemaleNo Preference
*There is little, if any difference between sexes with Labradoodles.

Which size would you prefer?
*Approximate Sizing:
Mini: 15-25 lbs; 14-16 inches tall
Medium: 30-45 lbs; 17-20 inches tall
Standard: 50-65 lbs; 21-25 inches tall

Which Color would you prefer?
CreamChocolateParchmentApricotRedBlackParty(Mixed)No Preference

Where did you first learn about Midwest Labradoodle? Please be Specific...

*Please note that your placement in line and your preferences listed here are not a guaranteee that you will recieve a new pet to exacting specifications. Please also understand that Midwest Labradoodle can only estimate the size that a dog will grow to and the coat-type that it may have.

We make our puppy placement decisions after we review the results of the PAT temperament tests that we do when the puppies are app. 7-8 weeks old. See Link Below.

Your Message

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*When filling out the application, please make note in the your message box (bottom of the application) your time frame for bringing a puppy home. Example: ASAP, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter etc.. And please make note in the message box if you have more than one color preference. Example: I checked cream but I am open to other colors such as chocolate, black…. or we are only wanting cream etc.

*Once your application has been accepted, *a non refundable $500 retainer is required and this will secure your place in line for our next litter. Remainder of 2,000 is due by the time the puppy turns 5 weeks. Puppies will be ready to go home when they are app. 8 weeks old. Extended daily care fee is $30 per day after the puppy turns 8 weeks old (if available).

We accept Pay Pal, Credit Cards, Personal Checks or Cashier Checks. *Retainers will only be refundable if you are putting in your application and deposit before a litter is born and that upcoming breeding did not take or we did not have enough puppies in the litter to provide you with one.

*Puppy selections will be made in the order the deposits came in. However, Midwest Labradoodle reserves the right to place the puppy that we feel is the best match for each family IF need be. Midwest Labradoodle reserves the right to keep and or sell any breeding quality puppies before assigning pet puppies.

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