Here at Midwest Labradoodles, we feed our own dogs premium kibble along with some raw. The diet that you will choose for your own labradoodle will be your personal choice so we do not introduce the puppies to raw before going home. The basis of the raw diet is that the acids inside a dog’s stomach are strong enough to digest raw bone, but generally highly inefficient at digesting grain. If you look at a bag or can of prepared dog food, you’ll see that one of the main ingredients is some form of grain product. Yet when you look at the diet of a wild wolf (the genetic predecessor of the domesticated dog), you see that they eat animal carcasses (bones and all), and no grain at all.
Deciding to feed raw is a very personal decision. The supporters of the raw diet feel that it makes for much healthier dogs, and dogs that are much less prone to illness and disabilities like arthritis and diabetes. Dogs fed on “raw meaty bones” also will never need to have their teeth cleaned, as the process of chewing raw bones leaves their teeth sparkling white, and their gums a wonderfully healthy pink in color. They also don’t have that typical bad “doggy breath” that can be so unpleasant.
Another benefit of feeding raw is that the feces are small, do not smell much, and turn white and into powder within a day or so. Most folks are aware that they can tell when their dog has eaten premium dog food rather than regular dog food by the quantity of poop that results. The less the food is digested, the more that comes out the other end. This applies even more to dogs fed on the raw diet.
There is plenty of research you can do for yourself on the raw diet via the internet. Below I am listing a great link on feeding raw for you to view.


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