Midwest Labradoodle Jade ALAA-044507

Midwest Labradoodle Jade is our standard multi gen Australian Labradoodle beauty queen! Jade is the daughter of one of our most sought after past Mommy's-Good Day Doodles Summer Love AKA "Charlotte". Jade has it ALL and then SOME! Words cannot describe this queen! Jade has a very sweet, loving, friendly, playful and mellow temperament. She has a gorgeous non shedding cream fleece coat and carries for chocolate. Jade weighs app. 60 pounds. Jade's Grandfather Marlon Brando is a registered therapy dog and Jade carries on all her granddaddy's therapy dog traits as her temperament is just right! Jade lives with her loving guardian family in the Milwaukee area and she is definitely their queen too! She has that adorable floppy doodle muppet look! Jade's puppy's are going to be out of this world just like she is! Jade "honeymooned" with our beautiful red boy Buddy. Jade and Buddy puppies are standard in size (app 50-60 pounds) in the different shades of creams/caramels/apricots with beautiful wavy fleece coats. We are very blessed to carry on this wonderful line from Rebecca at Good Day Doodles. 🙂
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Midwest Labradoodle Butterscotch AKA "Bindi" ALAA-045574
Butterscotch AKA Bindi is our beautiful medium size Australian Labradoodle. Bindi weighs app. 30 pounds. She has a gorgeous super soft non shedding wavy fleece coat! Bindi has the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen on a doodle! And her cute personality matches her cute looks! She has a wonderful loving, playful and friendly personality! Bindi loves everyone and she has never met a stranger. Bindi is a show stopper as she could not be more gorgeous in or out! Her guardian home just loves her to pieces. Bindi will have beautiful small medium size babies (app 30 pounds) with wavy fleece coats in the cream/apricot/caramel color shades.