Adoption Process

Midwest Labradoodle takes pride in our high level of customer service before, during and after the adoption process.

Midwest Labradoodle Adoption Process:

Midwest Labradoodle makes it very easy to get started with the adoption process of your new family member.

The very first step is to send us your adoption application. Once we receive it, we will contact you by phone and go over our program in detail with you. *If you do not hear from us within 3 days of putting in your application, please follow up with us with a phone call at 262 652 0300.

*Once we have spoke on the phone in detail and your application has been accepted, you can then send in your retainer to secure your place in line for our next litter. We will send you the puppy agreement/health warranty to be signed once we receive your retainer.

*We will keep you very up to date on the progress of your adoption. We know firsthand what an emotional time this can be and we are in very close contact so that you can see the pictures of the litter as they are growing and follow through with this exciting journey as we go. We promise to send detailed updates weekly and send photos of the litter a few different times throughout the process (newborn photos and individual photos of each baby at week 1 & week 5). 

It is an amazing journey and you will follow it every step of the way! We have a wonderful socialization program here at Midwest Labradoodle that your baby will be a part of. We go into schools, preschools and nursing homes when we can with our litters. We guarantee you will just love this amazing journey from beginning to end and your whole family will feel the joy, love and excitement from week to week! *Feel free to check out our live testimony page to see what past families have to say about our program. 🙂

The remaining balance is due by the time the pups reach 5 weeks of age.

When the puppies are about 7 & 1/2 weeks of age, we will visit our vet for their vet health checks/micro chipping, have the temperament tests done, and schedule the visiting/pick up date (which will be at 8 weeks).

We will schedule the family date for visiting and picking up your new family member when the puppies reach 8 weeks old. The visits/pick ups will be done at the 8 week mark in the order the deposits came in.

At 8 weeks old you will come meet the puppies, pick in the order your deposit came in and your new puppy will be on their way to their new loving and forever family-yours! 🙂

*Puppy selections will be made in the order the deposits came in. However, Midwest Labraoodle reserves the right to place the puppy that we feel is the best match for each family IF need be. Midwest Labraoodle reserves the right to keep and or sell any breeding quality puppies before assigning pet puppies.