Early Spay & Neuter (ESN)

ESN (Early Spay Neuter) – Should we do it now or wait?

Here at Midwest Labradoodle we send your puppy home on a NSC (Neuter/Spay Contract). The customer agrees to have the puppy go home on a NSC (Neuter/Spay Contract), the neuter/spay MUST be done by the time the puppy is 9 months old.

Proof of neuter/spay must be sent to Midwest Labradoodle by the time the puppy reaches 9 months old or the agreement/heath warranty contract will be voided and customer is responsible for paying puppy breeder price verses puppy pet price. 

Breeder males are $7,500 and breeder females are $10,000. Alternatively, if the Neuter/Spay is not done by the time the puppy reaches 9 months old, the agreement/health warranty will be voided and the puppy must be returned to Midwest Labradoodle and no refunds will be made.

I researched the pros and cons of the ESN procedure to be more aware of how to advise families. The research says that there is no significant difference in the long-term health of a dog who had the ESN procedure vs those who did not. 

There are however a very few instances recorded where female puppies did develop bladder infections and or urinary incontinence in ESN pups, but not in a high enough number to count as a risk-factor. 

A noted effect of the ESN procedure, is that puppies who are desexed early, will on average grow a few weeks longer than his intact counterpart, causing a possible increased height, though very slight.

Many veterinarians do not agree on the best time to do the procedure.  The labradoodle associations/clubs have always encouraged the early spay-neuter in pet puppies.  Most Australian Labradoodle breeders require that every puppy be desexed before delivery.

Midwest Labradoodle has chosen NOT to utilize the ESN procedure and alternatively we send our puppies home on the NSC contract.