Puppy Socialization

Here at Midwest Labradoodle we integrate Jerry Hope’s “The Breeder’s Guide to Raising Superstar Dogs” Program! The book and program explain the “Superstar Program” that Jerry created.  The program was developed to prepare puppies to be better members of our society.

Through early socialization and imprinting techniques, the Superstar program gives puppies a head start on life and drastically decreases the chances of behavioral problems, thereby proportionally decreasing the chances of the puppy needing to be re-homed or even worse, euthanized. 

That is why at Midwest Labradoodle we invest many, many hours into your new puppy with our socialization program! Just check out the pictures below! We have also have many visitors and families at our family magic and costume shop here at Kenosha Magic. (The perfect place to socialize and host visits!) 

We bring our puppies into preschools and or grade schools and nursing homes when we can. All of our puppies go to the vet for wellness health checks and micro chipping. We want our puppies to be socialized with children and people of all ages! The vets and the techs always rave about how well behaved they all are, what wonderful dispositions they have and how adorable they are! Our veterinarian always says, “Nicole, your dogs are like walking stuffed animals!”.

We run a vigorous socialization program using parts of Jerry Hopes “Raising Super Star Dogs” program and it shows! Our socialization program makes for a much better well rounded dog all together in all situations!

Photos below are from one of our socialization classroom visits!