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*FREE Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle Puppies / Dogs To Qualified Homes In Our Area Through Our Guardian Program!


Guardianship Opportunities-

Being a Guardian Home for Midwest Labradoodle can be an excellent way to have a top quality pet for FREE! 

We are a home breeding program dedicated to producing excellent companion pets. Our dogs are part of our family and would love to extend them to your family!

We believe that all of our breeding dogs deserve this luxury, and so we’ve implemented our Guardian Home Program, where we place our upcoming breeders as puppies and or older dogs in homes with suitable families.

The guardians have the role of “parents” while we retain ownership/breeding rights and a Guardian family agrees to raise, train and care for a Midwest Labradoodle throughout his/her breeding career.

In exchange for providing a home for one of our breeding dogs, ownership will be transferred to the Guardian family when the dog is retired from his or her breeding career.

We, as breeder’s pay for all veterinary costs related to breeding.

Once thier breeding career starts, they come back to our home for breeding and whelping. When the dog reaches age of retirement (typically after app. 3 litters for females/up to 8 years for males) she or he is spayed/neutered for you (paid for by Midwest Labradoodle), and the dog enjoys the comfort of the home it has always known.

Males are generally retained for siring litters longer than females; however, they don’t leave their homes for long periods of time.

Guardian Families Must:

*Live close to Kenosha, WI. (No more than 1.5 hours away from Kenosha, WI)


*Guardian home shares transportation/meets with Midwest Labradoodle when testings, breedings & whelpings are needed.

*If for any reason you leave the area while the guardian agreement is in effect, the dog must be returned to Midwest Labradoodle.

*Have a home or apartment with a fenced in yard (invisible fence okay).

*Feed a top quality dog food.

*Have prior experience owning and raising a dog.

*Agree to keep the dog away from all intact dogs to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

*Take the dog to at least 1 training class and continue socialization. (Which will be very beneficial to both of you!)

*Keep the dog well groomed (app. 3-4 grooming apps per year) as we will be asking for pictures to post on the parents page and next litter page of our site.

*Be okay with and understand the issues involved with caring for an intact male or female and be willing to assume those responsibilities.

*Be okay with and understand that you will have to return the dog to us as needed throughout the year for various reasons, including veterinary appointments, testings, breedings, giving birth and raising puppies. Female breeders will stay with us for approximately 6 weeks following the birth of the litter. Males are needed for shorter periods of time, typically only a few hours to a few days to one week for breeding’s.

*Communicate with Midwest Labradoodle when needed regarding the general health/well being of the dog and prompt communication during breeding times is a must.

*Follow breeder’s recommendations for the dogs basic health care needs and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules and the use of various medications.

*If you are interested in our guardianship program, please contact us and I will contact you by phone to go over everything and to see if this program is the right match for both of us.

Please note in the “your message” box at bottom of application that you are interested in the guardian program.  Qualified applicants will be contacted to discuss in further detail the available dogs, puppies, and what to expect from our wonderful guardian program. DJ

 *If you are interested in our guardian home program, please contact us by using the link below.

The first step in this process, will be to fill out the puppy application here: Puppy Application